• fig-tree-propagation

    How to Propagate Fig Trees

    Figs – including both ornamental and edible varieties – are one of the easiest trees to propagate. They root readily,…

  • brown-turkey-fig-tree-care

    How to Care for A Brown Turkey Fig

    The Brown Turkey fig is one of the most readily available and commonly grown of the various edible fig varieties.…

  • how-to-can-figs

    How to Can Figs

    Although many figs offer two crops – the breba and the main crop – in both cases, you have only…

  • fig-tree-diseases

    How to Manage Fig Tree Diseases

    Figs have been a staple fruit crop in many countries for thousands of years. They are susceptible to some diseases,…

  • how-to-preserve-figs

    How to Preserve Figs

    Figs must ripen on the tree and be picked immediately when ripe. Fresh figs last only a few days, so…

  • potted-fig-tree

    How to Grow A Fig Tree in a Pot

    Fig trees include both edible and ornamental varieties, as well as the more unusual banyan tree. However, they can be…

  • fig-tree-cuttings

    Propagating Fig Trees with Cuttings

    Fig trees are all over the world with the exception of very cold climates. Although birds eat the fruit and…

  • where-do-figs-grow

    Where Do Figs Grow?

    Figs are members of the mulberry family and include not only the common edible fig but banyan trees, rubber plants,…

  • what-does-a-fig-tree-look-like

    What Does a Fig Tree Look Like?

    In addition to the edible fig, the fig tree family includes a wide variety of ornamental and indoor house plants.…

  • when-to-pick-figs

    When to Pick Figs

    Although figs may produce two crops a year, the actual harvest window for each crop is relatively narrow. It’s important…

  • how-to-ripen-figs

    How to Ripen Figs

    Timing your fig harvest is important if you want to ensure properly ripened figs. The fruit will not ripen off…

  • how-to-tell-if-a-fig-is-ripe

    How to Tell if a Fig is Ripe

    Timing your fig harvest properly means the difference between a hard, bland fruit and a sweet melting fig. You cannot…

  • fig-tree-leaves

    All About Fig Tree Leaves

    Both edible and ornamental figs have distinctive leaves in varying colors and textures. The condition of the leaves is an…

  • growing-figs

    How To Grow Figs

    The fig is an ancient fruit – experts estimate humans have been growing and eating figs for over 9,000 years.…

  • when-do-fig-trees-bear-fruit

    When Do Fig Trees Bear Fruit?

    Fresh figs are a delicacy for many people. The fragile fruit is difficult to ship and must be ripened on…

  • transplanting-fig-tree

    How to Transplant a Fig Tree

    Figs vary in size from container plants you might grow on a table top to trees that may be 50…

  • pruning-fig-trees

    How To Prune A Fig Tree

    Unlike some fruit trees, which must be pruned heavily and regularly, most figs require only light to moderate pruning. However,…

  • when-do-fig-trees-bloom

    When Do Fig Trees Bloom?

    Figs are an unusual fruit in several ways. They must ripen on the tree, some require a specific wasp for…

  • figeater-beetle

    How to Control Figeater Beetle

    The figeater beetle is a native of the American southwest. However, its range has expanded over the last 40 years…

  • when-are-figs-in-season

    When Are Figs in Season?

    Unlike some fruits that are available in grocery stores all year round, figs have a distinct season. Actually, they have…

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