About us

We are a team of dedicated gardening enthusiasts and professionals who decided to channel our passions by creating something helpful for novice and seasoned gardeners. Together, we have hundreds of years of hands-in-the-dirt experience and couldn’t wait to share our knowhow to help make gardening a positive experience for everyone and thus, Garden.eco was born.

Did I mention we love growing things?

Our Gardening Mission

Gardening can be downright thrilling; from seeing your seeds sprout to biting into something you grew yourself and we believe you’re never too young or old to start growing. Don’t think you need a large plot of land to garden, because you can still grow in small spaces and even indoors. We at Garden.eco strive to take the mystery out of gardening and while we’re at it, help make our planet a little bit greener one plant, garden and person at a time.

Did I mention we are passionate about growing things?

Our prime goal is to offer easy-to-use advice and information on organic gardening, a host of plants, problems and gardening techniques and present it in a way that is not intimidating. After all, gardening should be fun and rewarding and you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to crack its code. In addition, we hope our articles will help those who consider themselves black-thumb gardeners become a gardening rock star and we are always here to answer any questions you might have. In case you forgot, we are obsessed with growing and playing in the dirt.

Meet the Team

We at Garden.eco hope you find our information interesting and useful and thank you for taking a walk down our garden paths. We’d like you to meet some of our seasoned contributors who come from all walks of life but have one thing in common – they are all addicted to gardening and growing things.

Joyce, Chief Editor

I hail from generations of farmers, so gardening and growing things is in my blood and I like to say it’s my Xanax for life. Give me a strange seed or plant and I’ll try to grow it. For over 25 years’, I owned and operated a nursery, landscaping and consulting business and have published hundreds of articles on the subject. The past 30 years, I’ve been growing my Florida yard into a water-wise tropical paradise (though my husband calls it “the jungle”), including a variety of fruit trees, natives and strive to make it a suitable habitat for local wildlife populations.


“I am firm believer in the goodness of all things gardening. I have also spent a dozen years as a professional florist and floral designer. My nearly four decades of tending flowers and veggies have included overseeing an organic, 76-plot community garden. That experience is reflected in thousands of online articles aimed at sharing my philosophy: When it comes to learning patience, perseverance and faith in things unseen, nurturing plants is a wonderful teacher!”


“About 1982 my husband and I became students of an experienced, passionate farmer that organically grew acres of vegetables and fruits. While reading lots of articles and books on organic gardening, I was gaining hands-on experience through the planting of my almost year-round garden in South Louisiana. All these years I have remained passionate about growing my own organic food and now have the privilege to write about it.”


“My love of good food led me to learn about gardening. From gathering wild elderberries in the forest to growing my own tomatoes to selling all kinds of homegrown veggies at farmers markets, I enjoy everything about gardening and sharing the harvest. I also love writing. Therefore, I gladly accepted the offer to write for this online gardening resource to help others learn about the joys of growing plants.”


“My entire family gardens, so my gardening experience began before I could talk, with some of my favorite memories being inspecting flowers and being at eye-level with a hummingbird. In addition, I feel strongly about raising as much of my family’s food as I can. As a health care professional, I am well aware that eating real, organic food is much more likely to translate into good health than eating Twinkies and soda pop. I have a kitchen garden for all kinds of edibles and a big (5625 square feet) garden for space-eaters like corn, squash, melons, beans and canning tomatoes. We also raise our own beef, chicken, pork and lamb, with weeds and garden leavings going to the animals, while the manure returns to the gardens.”


“When I was growing up, my parents always had a garden large enough for my mother to can and freeze various vegetables from the garden for our later enjoyment. In the 50s and 60s, my father subscribed to an organic magazine and we implemented all of the suggestions and strategies. After all these years, I still follow the family gardening tradition but with a much smaller space.”


“I am first and foremost an organic farmer and Permaculturist. After finishing a degree in journalism and agriculture from The Evergreen State College, I left city life behind for an agrarian lifestyle. We have now been homesteading for five years at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. We grow organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs all cultivated by hand using Permaculture methods that mimic nature and regenerate soil biology. Our produce is sold at local markets and available as a U-pick activity for visitors of the farm.”

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