Why You Need to Trim Catnip

Cat mint can proliferate if you don’t keep it in check. This is for many the main reason to cut this perennial regularly. But there are many more reasons why a cut can be useful.

To preserve health

A backcut, for example in case of illness, lets the catnip know: ‘You have to assert yourself’. If it is affected by powdery mildew, it helps to remove the inflorescences in summer. This allows catnip to invest its attention and strength in fighting the fungus.

To prolong the flowering time

If you want to enjoy the flower of your catnip until autumn, you should cut the perennial after the main flower.

Cut the plant either to just above the ground or the inflorescences to the first leaf. Then new flowers appear and the flowering lasts until autumn. A good side effect: the self sowing of the catnip is prevented.

For braking the propagation urge

Another reason for cutting catnip is to slow down its urge to spread. In spring between February and March on a frost-free day a pruning to the ground takes place. It is best to use sharp pruning shears for this procedure.

Don’t be too hasty and make the mistake of cutting catnip in autumn. Only the withered inflorescences can be cut back in autumn. The remaining stalks serve as protection against wetness, for example from snow in winter.

For use as a medicinal or aromatic plant

It should not be forgotten that some people use catnip as a medicinal and spice plant. For example, individual flowers can be cut off in summer and used to add colour to dishes such as sweet desserts and fruit salads. The stems with the leaves can also be cut off, dried and reused among others:

  • for smoking
  • for smoking
  • for tea

To multiply

On top of that, you cut the catnip to multiply it. Propagation via cuttings is considered to be the most proven and most common method. The cuttings are ideally taken from the plant between April and June. Then the lowest leaves are removed and the cuttings are placed in a glass of water in which they can root.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you feel annoyed by cats, because they like to be near the catnip, it helps to cut the catnip radically. Then you have enough time to think about an obstacle for the cats.


Text: madeleine