How Often Do Catnip Plants Bloom

The lip blossoms of catnip present themselves simply and at the same time with an enchanting elegance. It is they who attract bees in swarms and emit an aromatic scent. But from when do they present themselves and for how long?

Once or twice a year

Depending on the variety, the flowering period of catnip usually begins in June and lasts until July. Some varieties already bloom in April. After the main flower the plant can be stimulated to a second flower.

It’s like this:

  • cut all withered inflorescences
  • After a few weeks new flower buds have developed
  • the new flowers open and show up until autumn

Tips & Tricks

Cutting off the edible flowers has a positive side effect: Self sowing of catnip is avoided. For most gardeners self sowing is not desired.


Text: madeleine