Catnip: where to plant?

The plant or seeds are ready. Now you’re faced with the question, “Where do I plant the catnip?” What you need to consider when choosing a location is explained below.

A sun worshipper who doesn’t shy away from half-shade

It should be full sun to half shade. Catnip does not feel comfortable in the deep shade. Grey-browed varieties fancy a full sunny location and cope well with dry seasons. Green-leaved varieties, on the other hand, prefer a sunny to semi-shady location.

Variety-dependent soil requirements

The soil for catnip should be medium-ground, permeable and loose. Usually normal garden soils are excellent. The following soil characteristics continue to be accommodating in growth:

  • medium to high nutrient content
  • fresh to moderately humid
  • pH value of 6.4
  • gravelly loamy to sandy loamy

Tips & Tricks

Since catnip is a popular pasture for bees, it should not be planted directly on seats. Also remember that catnip attracts cats like light attracts mosquitoes!


Text: madeleine