How to Sow Catnip Seeds

To buy a preferred catnip and plant it in the garden is no trick. If you are looking for a little challenge and love watching small seeds turn into pretty perennials, you should pull catnip from seeds.


Select suitable seed

If you already have a catnip and want to multiply it, you can use its seeds. But beware: Not all catnip varieties are well fertile and produce seeds.

Well suited and popular varieties are among others the citrus-like-minty smelling catnip ‘Odeur Citron’ or the white flowering variety ‘Snowflake’. The variety ‘Suberba’ forms a nice contrast to ‘Snowflake’ and is considered widespread.

Depending on which variety you choose, the choice of location will depend on this later. Grey-browed varieties like it warm and dry. Green-leaved varieties grow best in a semi-shady and moist location.

Sowing – from start to finish

The best time to sow the catnip seeds is between March and April. The seeds should be stimulated to germinate by June at the latest. Otherwise, the probability that the catnip will still blossom in the same year becomes smaller and smaller.

That’s how you do it:

  • Seed in seed containers or pots
  • 5 cm distance between the individual seeds hold
  • easily cover with earth
  • place in a bright and warm place
  • keep earth moist

Depending on the temperature, it takes between one and four weeks for the seeds to germinate. The ideal substrate for growth is sandy-loamy, slightly acidic and low in nutrients. If the plants are 5 cm tall, they are planted in a suitable location. They should come into the open country only after the ice saints in May.

Caution: Sow on your own

As catnip likes to sow itself on its own, you do not have to take the sowing into your own hands. If you want to prevent self sowing, cut off the wilted inflorescences after the main flowering season in summer.

Tips & Tricks

If you place the seeds in the soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil, you should press the whole thing down well before flooding it with water. Otherwise there is a danger that the tiny seeds will swim away from their intended place.


Text: madeleine