Cutting a gooseberry high trunk correctly – this is how it works

The upbringing of gooseberries to tall stems is in vogue. This saves space and is nice to look at. However, there are some special requirements for the cut. Which these are and how they are implemented, you can read here.

How to cut a high trunk professionally

Only for a decorative appearance no-one plants gooseberries as standard stems in their garden. The central interest lies in a rich harvest of juicy berries. Targeted pruning makes an essential contribution to this. Otherwise, a gooseberry tree ages within a short time. Follow these instructions to maintain your enjoyment of delicious fruits for many years to come:

  • the best time for the shape and preservation cut is in February or March
  • .

  • thicken all shoots that are too close together, rubbing and drying out
  • cut off all soil-growing branches on Astring up to 5-7 leading branches
  • each branch should be left with 2-3 strong side shoots and the other should be shortened to 2 eyes

The central premise for the successful pruning of gooseberries is the observation of their growth characteristics. This fruit tree always blooms and fructifies on last year’s long shoots. Of these, the strongest specimens should be preserved as far as possible and only minimally shortened, if at all. Create a harmonious crown that is airy in texture. Only when sun and light reach all areas is vitality assured.

Reduced rejuvenation cut rescues high trunk trunks

If the annual pruning of a gooseberry high trunk is missed, the punishment follows on the foot. The plant ages and bears only poor fruit. A rigorous rejuvenation cut provides relief. That’s how you do it:

  • the entire crown is trimmed down to a maximum of 5 guide branches
  • the entire crown is trimmed down to a maximum of 5 guide branches

  • crop all the paid shoots at the base
  • reduce the selected branches to 2 eyes

The aim of this measure is to attract new shoots above the grafting site. To this end, all parts of the plant that consume energy unnecessarily and do not contribute to a new crown must be removed.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t want to be constantly traced by the thorns when cutting of gooseberries? Then use a pruning shear for the pruning. Thanks to the long handles, you can keep the scratchy fruit tree at a distance and concentrate fully on the perfect cut.