Recommended gooseberry varieties for the hobby garden

The renaissance of the gooseberry in the home garden is accompanied by an explosive expansion of variety. The following overview presents outstanding breeds which convince with special attributes.

Green classics

They are shimmering green-yellow to whitish and have proven themselves in the house garden for generations. There is nothing wrong with the following varieties:

  • Green ball: Smooth, translucent skin, fine sour taste, growth height 40 inches
  • White Lion: Ancient variety with round fruits, especially juicy and sweet, suitable for tub culture
  • King of Trumps: Yellow, juicy berries, red marbled, ideal for eating directly from the shrub and for freezing

Red light balls

With their red fruits, the following varieties not only promise refreshing enjoyment, but also decorate the visual appearance of the garden:

  • Maiherzog: Old variety from 1890 with thick, red berries, delicious aroma for fresh consumption and boiling down
  • Ironmonger: Noble breeding from England with paired fruit hanging, very thin skin
  • Red Triumph: Rarity with countless small gooseberries, well suited for green picking

Thornless gooseberries

Grow these gooseberry varieties and even help the children to harvest them. The following breeds do not have thorns at all:

  • Larell: Smooth, red berries, burst-proof and very sweet, the ideal gooseberry for balconies and terraces
  • Pax: For harvest from the end of June, beautiful red fruits, resistant against powdery American gooseberry mildew
  • Spinefree: Very robust, light red gooseberries with smooth skin, virtually no spines

Ideal candidates for gooseberry strains

They are undoubtedly on the advance in the small garden, because gooseberry high stems still deliver a lush harvest when space is limited:

  • Hinnonmäki: Richly bearing with red berries, growth height up to 47 inches, little, hairy, and burst-resistant
  • Invicta: Vigorous, robust, many green gooseberries with a sour-freshening aroma
  • Mucurines: Light green fruits, very aromatic and resistant against mildew and leaf fall

Innovative Breeding

Do you like to plant fruit in your garden that is out of the ordinary? Then the Duo gooseberry is the right choice for you. Here, two varieties unite in a single shrub. With ‘Hinnonmäki yellow and red’ you are guaranteed curious views over the garden fence.

Tips & Tricks

If you prefer to keep your gooseberries in tubs, a minimum volume of 8-11 gallons is advisable. Since most varieties grow up to 16 inches per year, very frequent repotting would be necessary. This stress is not good for the shallow-root weevils.