How to replant gooseberries – Tips for when and how

For various reasons it can be useful to replant a gooseberry bush. Time plays an important role here. We show when and how the plan succeeds.

The best date

Gooseberries can still be transplanted after a few years. It is important to note that this measure should be carried out during the juice chest in January or February. The soil should be largely thawed. During the day itself, low sub-zero temperatures are also a disadvantage.

Step-by-step instructions for replanting

If you transplant a gooseberry bush, a more or less large root volume will inevitably be lost. To compensate for this shortcoming in advance, cut back the fruit trees by a third. At the same time you water the plant penetratingly, which additionally limits the loss. After that you continue like this:

  • loosely tie the prickly shoots together with a band
  • above the bush the soil with a spade until the roots become visible
  • .

  • digging out the root ball over a wide area
  • separate lower lying strands and loosen the bale

Now lift out the gooseberry bush and place it in a wheelbarrow. Without long delay you transport the wood to its new location.

Cautious care after transposition

Although the gooseberry bush is replanted during the juice-box, the procedure is still very stressful. Careful maintenance is therefore essential to ensure that he or she gets a good foothold in the new place. Choose a sunny to semi-shady location that is as warm and sheltered as possible.

Before moving, enrich the soil with compost and horn shavings. The more finely crumbly the structure, the faster the strained roots grow again. You plant the shrub exactly as deep as it stood up to now. Then water the gooseberries thoroughly over the next few weeks. A mulch layer of nettles or comfrey also makes a valuable contribution to healthy growth.

Tips & Tricks

It’s not that easy to classify the shoots of a gooseberry bush according to their age. Since the age of the branches is of central importance for a successful pruning, there is a simple trick. Mark the branches with rings in different colours. Then you won’t be puzzling over which main shoots have to give way next year.