The Best Zucchini Companion Plants

Certain plants seem to naturally complement other plants. Sometimes this occurs when two plants which are not competing for the same soil nutrients are planted next to each other. Planting companion plants that complement zucchini plants can greatly enhance fruit production. This happens because companion plants repel harmful pests, attract beneficial insects, improve disease resistance, provide shade, or provide a natural trellis.


Good Zucchini Companion Plants

Zucchini plants have many companion plants that benefit them. Adding some of these plants near the zucchini plants can also add more food to your freezer or pantry. Choose one or more of these plant helpers:


The aroma of many herbs repel the insects that love feasting on zucchini. These harmful insects do not like getting too close to these herbs:

  • Oregano
  • Dill
  • Catnip
  • Lemon Balm
  • Marjoram
  • Peppermint
  • Parsely


Corn is traditionally grown with squash and beans for a good reason. These three vegetables, known as the “three sisters”, are traditionally grown together in a hill. The tall stalks of corn grown in the middle of the hill can provide shade that reduces weeds. Corn stalks are also used as a trellis for the beans and sometimes vining zucchini.


Beans fix nitrogen to the soil. Zucchini is a heavy feeder that benefits from this boost of nitrogen supplied by a close planting of beans.


Peas are legumes that also fix nitrogen to the soil. Planting this vegetable near zucchini plants will supply extra nitrogen to them.


The common or French marigold flowers attract beneficial hoverflies. Hoverfly larvae eat aphids and other harmful insects: adult hoverflies pollinate flowers. Marigold flowers also repel squash bugs.

White Icicle Radish

This mild pre-1865 heirloom radish variety is a deterrent to squash bugs. Just three of these 6-inch radishes around each squash plant is effective. Allow the radish go to seed.


This edible flower is effective in repelling squash bugs and cucumber beetles. Nasturtiums also attract beneficial pollinators such as hoverflies.


Brightly colored and sometimes large sunflowers attract bees needed for pollination. Growing these flowers near zucchini plants will attract not only bees but also beneficial ladybugs.

Avoid Planting These Near Zucchini

Zucchini plants have many good companion plants. Then there are some plants that should never be planted near zucchini plants. Here are two such plants:


This root crop soaks up much of the surrounding soil’s nutrients. Zucchini plants do likewise; therefore, they should not be grown near each other.


Pumpkins belong to the same botanical species as zucchini. If they are grown near each other, cross-pollination may occur producing inferior fruit.