Zucchini Plants Can Grow on a Trellis

The traditional method of growing zucchini has been in garden rows or hills. In recent years more and more urban and suburban gardeners are choosing to grow vertically. Saving garden space for other favorite crops is the prime reason. Growing zucchini vertically is simple with the right trellis and a little know how. A trellis can be homemade or store bought in garden centers.


Reasons to Use a Trellis

The benefits of a garden trellis justify the expense. A trellis can provide years of useful service possibly producing larger and healthier crops. Here are some other benefits of having a trellis for zucchini plants:

  • Saves space for growing other plants
  • Helps reduce pest infestation
  • Allows better air circulation
  • Helps prevent fungal infection on fruit
  • Adds variety and beauty to the garden

Best Types of Zucchini Trellises

Zucchini plants are usually bush varieties, but there are some varieties that vine. The vines of zucchini are usually not as long as winter squash varieties; therefore, the trellis does not have to be large. Here are some general types of trellises that can be used for zucchini:

Fencing Cage

Rigid fencing, such as cattle panel fencing, can be rolled into a circular cage creating a strong trellis. A cage that has a 24-inch diameter is perfect for zucchini plants. Simply cut the fencing with wire cutters and connect ends together in several places. Cages can be constructed in 24-inch squares also.

Even heavy duty fencing cages covered with a zucchini plant can be overturned with strong winds. The cages must be secured to prevent loss of the plant. A strong stake driven deep into the ground next to and attached to the cage is sufficient protection from the overturning of the cage.

Flat-Paneled Trellis

The simplest basic flat-paneled trellis can be made with cattle panel fencing. The fencing is held upright by either t-posts or strong stakes made of wood or pipes. To prevent the trellis from toppling over, drive long stakes or t-posts deeply into the ground 4-6 feet apart and attach fencing to each in several places.

A more attractive version of a flat-paneled trellis is made of wood (usually cedar). These can be bought or homemade with a simple square or rectangle grid design. Some wooden trellises have elaborate designs.

A-Frame Trellis

An A-frame trellis suitable for zucchini is constructed with wire fencing that is framed with lightweight wood and attached together on top with two hinges. This trellis should be attached to stakes that are driven deeply into the ground. Zucchini plants can be planted on both sides of this type of trellis.

Text: Garden.eco