• planting-peas-from-seed

    Planting Peas from Seed

    Seeding peas is fairly simple. Timing and soil temperature are the two most important things to think about when planting.…

  • how-to-freeze-purple-hull-peas

    How To Freeze Purple Hull Peas

    Purple hull peas are a classic vegetable in traditional . A staple in kitchens across the south, preserving these protein-packed,…

  • when-to-plant-sweet-peas

    When To Plant Sweet Peas

    Sweet peas are a from Sicily. These climbing pea family plants grow large blooms that exude fragrances of jasmine and…

  • when-to-plant-sugar-snap-peas

    When to Plant Sugar Snap Peas

    Peas are traditionally one of the earliest garden vegetables. They are early to go in the ground and early to…

  • string-peas

    String Peas

    Not all peas require a trellis for support. There are bushing varieties that are self-supporting. Vining peas grown on trellises…

  • growing-purple-hull-peas

    Growing Purple Hull Peas

    Purple Hull Peas are a type of southern pea similar to Black-Eyed Peas. They almost grow more like a bean…

  • harvesting-peas

    Harvesting Peas

    Peas can be grown in any climate. They benefit the soil and plants around them by fixing nitrogen from the…

  • germinating-peas

    Germinating Peas

    Germinating peas is tricky. They can have low germination rates if not in the right conditions. Seeds put into the…

  • harvesting-snap-peas

    Harvesting Snap Peas

    Snap Peas are the younger hipper generation of pea. They inherited all the best traits from their parents the snow…

  • freezing-sugar-snap-peas

    Freezing Sugar Snap Peas

    Preserve that harvest of by freezing them! Peas freeze very well and will thaw with much of their texture and…

  • growing-peas-in-containers

    Growing Peas in Containers

    Peas grow quickly and need minimal attention which makes them excellent candidates for container gardening. Pay attention to the type…

  • freezing-snow-peas

    Freezing Snow Peas

    are the perfect addition to any stir-fry or salad. They come on fast in the garden, and keeping up with…

  • when-to-plant-purple-hull-peas

    When to Plant Purple Hull Peas

    Often called the southern pea, these drought-tolerant peas are a member of the cowpea family. Anyone living in the southern…

  • when-to-harvest-peas

    When To Harvest Peas

    Peas are one of the earliest vegetables ready for harvest in the garden. They are planted in the spring often…

  • trellis-for-peas

    Trellis For Peas

    Buiding a trellis for peas is simple! You can throw something together in no-time at all from materials that you’ve…

  • growing-sugar-snap-peas

    Growing Sugar Snap Peas

    The English pea and the snow pea have been around for thousands of years. The sugar snap pea, however, is…

  • growing-peas

    Growing Peas

    Peas are an early sweet treat from the garden grown for fresh eating, food storage, animal feed, and soil health.…

  • growing-snow-peas

    Growing Snow Peas

    Snow peas are one of the earliest treats to come out of the garden. Eat them straight off the vine…

  • when-to-plant-peas

    When to Plant Peas

    Peas are a win-win for gardeners. They are a delicious and nutritious vegetable that pot pie wouldn’t be the same…