Growing Corn in Containers

Growing corn is a favorite hobby for both novice and expert gardeners. Once you have tasted the difference between fresh corn and the corn you get at the grocery store, you will be a convert, too. Even if you do not own a large plot of land, you can still reap the benefits of growing fresh corn. The solution is to plant corn in containers!


Choosing Corn Seeds for Containers

Even though it is entirely possible to grow corn in containers, you do have to choose to right kind of seeds. You cannot just buy a package of corn seeds and hope it grows.

Instead, you should purchase only dwarf corn seeds, like the Midget Hybrid or Yukon Chief. The dwarf varieties of corn are perfect for small container gardening.

Choosing Containers for Growing Corn

When deciding what containers to use for growing your corn, the general rule is that bigger is better. At a minimum, you need pots that are at least twelve inches (30 cm) deep. In a pot this size, you can safely plant four to six corn seeds.

It does not matter what type of container you choose, as long as you make sure it is deep enough to sustain the corn. Some common planters for container gardening include:

  • Five Gallon Buckets
  • Whiskey Barrels
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Grow Bags

Tip: You can also place other plants in with your corn to take advantage of the space around your corn plants.

Caring for Corn In Containers

Once you plant your corn in the chosen planting pots, caring for it is the same as if you had planted in a garden plot. Be sure to place your container in full sunlight and make sure you water it regularly. Corn requires a lot of water, so you may have to water it daily when summer is at its peak.

If you chose an early-ripening variety of corn, you may be able to harvest it in about 60 days. If you want to be sure to have fresh corn for an extended time, you can plant different varieties in separate containers.

No matter whether you grow corn to eat fresh during the summer or to use for ornamental purposes, growing corn in containers is an easy endeavor. All it takes is a few pots and a handful of seeds before you can be raising corn on your balcony.