How Tall Does Corn Grow?

If you are want to plant corn in your garden, one thing to consider is how tall your corn is going to grow. The anticipated height of your corn impacts where you plant it, what plants to place next to it, and how much space you actually need. Thankfully, different types of corn grow to different heights, so there is an option for everyone!


Standard Corn Height

While you cannot honestly call any variety of corn standard, most popular types reach about the same average height of five to six feet (1.5 to two meters). Early sweet corn of some sort is the most popular corn for home gardens. It is typically short enough to allow other plants to get adequate sunshine but also provides enough shade for plants that do not thrive in full sun.

Some of the more well-known varieties of sweet corn include:

  • Cabo corn
  • Rainer
  • Sweetness
  • Early Sunglow
  • Peaches and Cream

Tip: Plant early-ripening sweet corn every two weeks through July to extend your harvest.

Exceptionally Tall Corn Height

Although some types of sweet corn grow taller than average, you will likely run into super-tall corn stalks when you plant field corn or dent corn. There are some kinds of corn that can reach the massive height of 12-14 feet (3.5-4 meters)!

However, unless you are planting corn to use as silage or to later process into cornmeal or livestock feet, you are not likely to choose a super-tall variety.

Dwarf Corn

If you live in an apartment with a balcony or only have a minimal area to grow corn, one of the dwarf sweet corn varieties is the best choice. Dwarf varieties are hybrids that were created to take up less room, which makes them ideal for small garden plots. You can even grow some of the shorter types in containers!

Factors that Affect Corn Height

Other factors besides the type of corn can impact how tall it grows. For example, if you do not provide enough water, your corn may be stunted and not reach its full height. The same is true if your soil is poor and you do not apply fertilizer.

If the height of your corn plants will create an issue in your garden regarding space or access to sunlight, be sure you read the seed packet carefully to see how tall the corn is expected to grow. If you have no restrictions, you can feel free to plant any kind of corn you want!