• how-many-bell-peppers-per-plant

    How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant?

    are some of the largest fruits of all pepper varieties. Pepper plants with larger fruit will produce fewer individual fruits.…

  • bell-pepper-gender

    Bell Pepper Gender

    Bell peppers are members of a very large plant family called nightshade or Solanacaea. Other members of this plant family…

  • how-to-grow-bell-peppers-from-seed

    How to Grow Bell Peppers From Seed

    are a joy to have in the garden. There are rainbows of colors to choose from, and all of them…

  • growing-bell-peppers-indoors

    Growing Bell Peppers Indoors

    Bell peppers are excellent candidates for an indoor garden. They can be finicky when exposed to climate extremes and benefit…

  • planting-green-peppers

    Planting Green Peppers

    Peppers are one of the most popular fruits to grow in the garden. There’s nothing like tasting them fresh off…

  • when-to-plant-bell-peppers

    When to Plant Bell Peppers

    In warm regions like USDA hardiness zone 9 and above, grow like weeds. These tropical natives thrive in the heat…

  • when-to-pick-green-peppers

    When to Pick Green Peppers

    Peppers ripen into beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, and purple. All peppers begin as green fruits and remain green…

  • growing-red-peppers

    Growing Red Peppers

    Red peppers are nature’s jewels. These sweet fruits hang like Christmas ornaments throughout the summer season. A very old and…

  • epsom-salt-peppers

    Epsom Salt and Peppers

    Epsom salt is named for where it was discovered, in the well water of Epsom England centuries ago. Essentially Epsom…

  • how-often-to-water-pepper-plants

    How Often to Water Pepper Plants

    Peppers are notoriously sensitive to irregular watering. Too dry or too wet can equally send a pepper plant into a…

  • pruning-pepper-plants

    Pruning Pepper Plants

    Pruning peppers is a controversial subject among gardeners. Some growers swear that pruning will improve fruit quality, production, and timing.…

  • overwintering-peppers

    Overwintering Peppers

    In USDA climate zones 10 and above, the climate is warm enough to grow peppers as . Most gardeners treat…

  • pepper-diseases

    Pepper Diseases

    Pepper plants are commonly infected by disease whether from fungus, bacteria, or transmitted by insects. Preventing disease is always more…

  • transplanting-peppers

    Transplanting Peppers

    Peppers are warm weather fruits. In climates with cool springs, starting peppers indoors gives a headstart on the season and…

  • aphids-on-pepper-plants

    Aphids On Pepper Plants

    Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that come in a variety of colors including red, green, brown, and black. Most aphids…

  • pick-a-pepper

    Harvesting Peppers

    Peppers can be deceiving when it comes to knowing if they’re ready to pick. The truth is, you can pick…

  • pepper-plants-wilting

    Pepper Plants Wilting

    Coming out to the garden to find pepper plants in a slump can be depressing. Don’t give up yet! There…

  • pepper-plant-care

    Pepper Plant Care

    Growing peppers at home allow you to try out new varieties that are not available in supermarkets. You can have…

  • when-to-pick-peppers

    When To Pick Peppers

    There is and there isn’t a perfect ripeness for a pepper. The truth is many peppers that are believed to…

  • saving-pepper-seeds

    Saving Pepper Seeds

    Saving seed from your saves money and is healthy for your garden. There are a few things to know before…

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