• how-to-ripen-pears

    How To Ripen Pears

    Cutting into a ripe pear is like cutting through butter. The fruit is floral and sweet with a hint of…

  • pear-scab

    Pear Scab

    A fungal disease, pear scab can ruin a crop and damage . It infects twigs, fruit, leaves, and young shoots.…

  • fire-blight-pear

    Pear Fire Blight

    Fruit trees are long-term investments. Gardeners invest money, time, and effort into them and hope they get a return in…

  • where-do-pears-grow

    Where Do Pears Grow?

    The fruit of the is an iconic image throughout historic art and culture. Chinese horticulturist Feng Li speaks of grafting…

  • storing-pears

    Storing Pears

    Most pear harvest is done well before the fruits begin to ripen. Pears that ripen on the tree go mushy…

  • growing-pear-trees

    Growing Pear Trees

    Originally from China, the pear traveled the world thousands of years ago. Today it grows in all temperate regions of…

  • pear-tree-care

    Pear Tree Care

    With a little knowledge and care, pear trees will thrive in USDA zones 5-8. Pear trees are not self-fruitful. Plant…

  • pear-rust

    Pear Rust

    Most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest and in Europe, pear rust is a that causes spotting and rotting of…

  • how-to-tell-if-pears-are-ripe

    How To Tell If Pears Are Ripe?

    There are many fruits that ripen off the plant like tomatoes and apples. Most of the time the flavor and…

  • pear-tree-diseases

    Pear Tree Diseases

    Fruit trees suffer from diseases the same way that humans do. A bacterial virus or fungus infests the tree and…

  • pruning-pear-trees

    Pruning Pear Trees

    Pruning fruit trees can be daunting. If you don’t know how to prune you could end up severely weakening a…

  • when-do-pears-ripen

    When Do Pears Ripen?

    Pears are known for having a short peak at which they’re truly ripe. This can be frustrating for cooks and…