When to Plant Swiss Chard

Mangold is available in many variants. Especially the varieties with multicoloured stems like “Bright Lights” are the ones that bring colour to the vegetable bed. Their cultivation begins at the end of March. But even those who discover their heart for the nutritious leafy vegetables only in the course of the early summer can still cultivate the chard themselves until August.

Mangold is sown directly outdoors

In general, chard is sown from April to June. Varieties such as “Bright Lights”, “White Silver” and “White Beans” can be planted as early as March.

Last growing date in August

If you don’t want to harvest your chard until autumn, cultivation can wait until August. Suitable varieties are “Feurio” and “Charlie”.

Tips & Tricks

Home owners can enjoy vitamin-rich vegetables all year round. Here chard can be sown and harvested all year round.

Text: madeleine