How to Grow Celery From a Stalk

If you want double duty from your celery, you can regrow the base of the plant. The plant will grow new roots if kept in shallow water for a few days. It can then be planted in the garden.


About Celery

Celery likes cool season and has a long growing period. A biennial, it will grow from the base. It’s readily available at the grocery. You can also grow your own from seed if you’re prepared to deal with slow germination and a little fussing over soil and water. Given these factors, the idea of regrowing celery may seem like a good one.

First Steps to Regrow Celery

If you look closely at the base of the plant, you’ll see an irregular border below the stalks – this is where new roots will appear. Cut off the stalks about two inches above the base. Place the base in a container with about an inch of water. Place the container in a warm room on a sunny windowsill and change the water daily.

Monitor the Plant

The leaves in the center of the cut-off stalks will begin to grow even before roots appear. Several days in, fine white roots will appear at the base of the plant. Make sure you keep water in the container at all times. The upper plant may begin to brown – this is normal, but if it turns black and slimy, throw it out.

Prepare Your Soil

Celery is fussy about soil and water. You want a very fertile, moisture-retentive soil, but you also want it to drain well. You should:

  • Add sand if your soil is heavy clay.
  • Add lots of aged manure, well-rotted leave mold or organic compost.
  • Boost nutrients with an organic 5-10-10 fertilizer.
  • Water well prior to transplanting.


The celery base will probably be ready to move into soil about 10 days after you first place it in water. Don’t wait too long, as it may begin to rot. Simply take the base out of its container and place it in the soil, mounding soil about one inch about the roots. Firm the soil and water well.

Growing On

Treat your transplanted celery base just as you would transplanted seedlings. Never let it dry out – celery was originally a swamp plant. It will take several months to be ready for harvest. Fertilize with compost or manure tea or add a tablespoon of organic 5-10-10 fertilizer to the soil twice during the growing season. You can harvest your double duty celery once it gets to be about eight inches tall.