• how-to-germinate-pepper-seeds

    How To Germinate Pepper Seeds

    The varieties are endless, the flavors are spectacular, and the plants look like ornamentals in the garden. There is a…

  • growing-peppers-in-pots

    Growing Peppers In Pots

    Whether you’re after a sweet red bell or a fiery habanero, you can grow peppers without any garden space at…

  • when-to-plant-peppers

    When To Plant Peppers

    Gardeners insist on growing peppers, even in frigid northern climates. This is a tropical fruit! There is plenty of reason…

  • growing-peppers

    Growing Peppers

    As a heat-loving South American fruit, pepper plants require plenty of warmth and sunlight to thrive. They are such a…

  • pepper-leaves-curling

    Pepper Leaves Curling

    Pepper plants are sensitive long-season crops like tomatoes. They become susceptible to pest damage and disease when not in an…

  • topping-pepper-plants

    Topping Pepper Plants

    Pepper plants are among the most popular garden vegetable. They provide an extended harvest throughout the season. Fruits range from…

  • drying-jalapeno-peppers

    Drying Jalapeno Peppers

    Jalapeno peppers are medium hot chilis about three inches in length. They are commonly harvested and found in stores at…

  • growing-jalapeno-peppers

    Growing Jalapeno Peppers

    Jalapeno peppers are three inch long chilis from Central America. Often harvested as deep green chilis jalapenos will ripen to…

  • when-to-pick-jalapeno-peppers

    When To Pick Jalapeno Peppers

    Jalapenos are popular chili peppers that grow to about three inches. They are moderately hot and ripen green, but will…

  • growing-habanero-peppers

    Growing Habanero Peppers

    Habanero peppers are chilis native to Central and South America. They are between two and four inches in length and…

  • when-to-pick-habanero-peppers

    When To Pick Habanero Peppers

    Habanero peppers come in . Well known for being some of the hottest chilis in the world, there are sweet…

  • how-to-dry-habanero-peppers

    How To Dry Habanero Peppers

    Named for the Cuban city of La Habana, are believed to have originated on the Yucatan Penninsula. These fruits are…

  • how-to-dry-ghost-peppers

    How To Dry Ghost Peppers

    Ghost peppers are extremely spicy. It’s rare for a recipe to call for more than a very small amount. Drying…

  • growing-bell-peppers

    Growing Bell Peppers

    Bell peppers are a sweet fruit native to Central and South America. Choose from a rainbow of cultivars that will…

  • green-pepper-turning-red

    Green Pepper Turning Red

    Peppers are Central and South American fruits now grown in gardens all over the world. As long season plants they…

  • when-to-pick-ghost-peppers

    When To Pick Ghost Peppers

    Ghost peppers also called Bhut jolokia are hybridized peppers plants from India. These were created as the hottest peppers in…

  • growing-ghost-peppers

    Growing Ghost Peppers

    Ghost peppers are one of the world’s hottest chilis. Despite their unique fiery heat, they are still common pepper plants.…

  • how-to-freeze-banana-peppers

    How To Freeze Banana Peppers

    Banana peppers are some of the most versatile peppers. Depending on the variety you grow and when you choose to…

  • growing-banana-peppers

    Growing Banana Peppers

    Banana peppers are mild to hot chilis native to Central and South America. These fruits are long and tapered when…

  • when-to-pick-banana-peppers

    When To Pick Banana Peppers

    Banana peppers are long, medium-sized yellow peppers. There are spicy and sweet versions of the banana pepper, but the sweet…

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