You Can Grow Carrot Plants From Your Carrot Tops!

When preparing fresh carrots, their tops are routinely cut off and discarded. You won’t be able to grow a new carrot from it, but a carrot top can actually be grown into attractive carrot plant. Children in particular find growing carrot tops fun, and it’s educational, too. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on this indoor gardening project.


The water in a glass method.

For all of these methods of growing carrot tops into plants, you should use a one inch segment of carrot top.

  • Stick a toothpick into two sides of the carrot bit, creating handles of a sort.
  • Balance the carrot top on the mouth of a small glass or jar.
  • Fill this container with water until it just reaches the bottom of the carrot.
  • Place in a window that gets light, but not get direct sunlight.
  • Add water daily so that the carrot stays in contact with the liquid.
  • Roots will sprout, at which time the plant can be moved to a pot.

Kids love seeing the roots grow in the jar, while the foliage on top grows, too.

The pie pan method.

This way of growing carrot plants from tops is a little easier for children.

  • Select any pie plate, any size, glass, ceramic, or aluminum.
  • Place a layer of marbles in the pan. You could also use glass stones or small rocks.
  • Set your carrot segments atop the marbles in your pan; this will be a bit of a balancing act.
  • Pour enough water into the pan that the rocks are completely covered and the carrots are touching the liquid.
  • Keep the water level steady by adding a little every day.

One advantage of this method is that you can grow six or seven, or more, carrot tops in one pan. Once they’re ready to be put into pots, putting them all in one container will create an eye-catching display.

The newspaper method.

This way of growing carrot foliage is simple and less likely to spill.

  • Use any plate, dish, or other container.
  • Fold or cut several layers of newspaper to fit your dish.
  • Soak the newspaper well, but don’t leave any standing water.
  • Stand your cut carrot sections on the newspaper.
  • Add water to keep the newspaper wet, but don’t allow puddles.
  • When the roots appear and begin to spread out, you can move the carrots to a pot.

Any of these methods will start your beautiful carrot plants, so you can have their lacy greenery in your home.