Proper Storage of Acorn Squash

After you have faithfully planted and tended your acorn squash plants through the growing season, you are probably inundated with freshly harvested acorn squash. Although they are a fantastic squash to eat, it is likely you will get tired of eating them long before you run out. This is why knowing how to store them is so important.


How Long Does Acorn Squash Last?

With proper storage, most winter squash varieties can last from weeks to months. Acorn squash is no exception. You can safely store it for as long as a month, which allows you plenty of time to come up with new recipes for it!

How to Store Acorn Squash

Acorn squash stores best in a cool, dry area with some ventilation. The ideal temperature is approximately 55°F (13°C). A basement, root cellar, or even a closet are all convenient places to store acorn squash.

Before placing your squash in the designated storage area, there are a few things you can do keep it from spoiling.

  • Be sure the squash is fully ripe. It will not continue to ripen while in storage.
  • Brush any dirt or debris off of the squash.
  • Wash with an organic antibacterial soap and dry completely.
  • Make sure the squash fruits are not touching on another to ensure adequate airflow.

Tip: Do not place the squash directly on a concrete floor. Instead, set on a piece of cardboard or a shelf.

Use Your Squash Within a Month

Although you may occasionally have an acorn squash that lasts longer than a month, the sooner you eat them, the better. Some winter squash like butternut or Hubbard will last 3-6 months, but not acorn squash!

You should also check the stored squash weekly and discard any that are showing signs of rot. One small spot of mold can quickly infiltrate your entire harvest, making all of your hard work obsolete.

With proper storage, though, you can add acorn squash to your meals well into the cold days of early winter. Used in both savory and sweet dishes, this squash may easily become a family favorite!