Is my Akebia poisonous?

The Akebia quiata or five-leaved Akebie is a tropical, but conditionally hardy climbing plant from East Asia and is often used as an ornamental plant or for greening facades. Very decorative are their pink and violet-brown flowers and the purple or violet fruits.

The finger-shaped, about 15 cm long /link] fruits are reminiscent of cucumbers, which also gave the Akebia the names climbing cucumber and chocolate wine. The female flowers are darker and larger than the male ones, with a delicate scent of vanilla or chocolate. In September and October you can harvest the edible fruits, their taste slightly sweetish. The leaves of the Akebie can be used as tea.

The most important thing in a nutshell:

  • Fruits: edible, finger-shaped
  • Harvest period: September to October
  • leaves can be used as tea
  • blossoms smell of vanilla or chocolate

also non-toxic for animals


With its decorative flowers and edible fruits, the vine Akebia quinata is ideal for your family garden.