The right location for your herb garden

Herbs sometimes have quite different demands when it comes to location and soil. Sun-hungry and warmth-loving species usually like poor, dry soils. Others prefer humid, humid soils, and partial shade.

  • each herb has different preferences

Mediterranean herbs–like sage, thyme, rosemary, rue, and lavender–love heat, dryness, and full sun. Therefore, they need the warmest and driest place in the garden. In addition, these species are slightly frost-sensitive and should therefore be somewhat protected. Other herbs, however, require neutral, humid, and fresh soil. They grow best in mixed cultivation in your garden bed. These include caraway, fennel, borage, marigold, mustard, savory, parsley, and chives. Mint, on the other hand, likes moist soil and partial shade. Subtropical species, such as lemongrass, ginger, basil, or chilis, need a light shade, but also a lot of warmth. They are best kept in a warm greenhouse or in the conservatory.


Lovage and angelica grow into huge, shady plants that also require a lot of nutrients and moisture. They are best accommodated in your own garden bed.