All About Strawberry Baskets

Finding the first ripe strawberry of the season is one of the delights of being a gardener. Once you start to harvest, however, strawberry baskets come to the fore. Designed just for these fruits, they are sized and manufactured specifically for those juicy ripe berries. Another form of strawberry basket is the hanging planter.


Strawberry Growing Basics

Strawberries can be grown in USDA Zone 3 to 11. To grow good strawberries:

  • Site the planting bed or rows in full sun.
  • Choose varieties suited for your climate.
  • Make sure the soil is loose, friable and drains well.
  • Test the soil for proper acidity; strawberries prefer a pH of 5.5 to 6.0
  • Make sure the plants have adequate water at all times.

Strawberry Baskets – A History

The first strawberry baskets used commercially were either woven from straw or made from thin wood rectangles that were shaped into a round basket held at the top with wire or a thin wooden edging. Known as punnets, these gradually fell out of favor and were replaced by lattice-style plastic baskets. Today, molded pulp and cardboard are also used as they are considered more sustainable.

Strawberry Basket Dimensions

The standard strawberry basket comes in a certain size for a very good reason. . Strawberries are very fragile. If they are stacked too high, the berries on the bottom will be split or crushed. This causes them to lose juice and increases the risk of insect infestations or mold.The typical basket is therefore about four inches by four inches and two to two-and-a-half inches high


Strawberries are one of the most fragile of domesticated fruits. They are very thin-skinned and any bump or bruise increases the risk of damage. Once damaged, mold spores which normally live on the surface of fruits and vegetables can quickly gain a foothold. Transporting them in small baskets helps to prevent damage.

Ventilation Issues

As mentioned above, strawberries are susceptible to mold. Strawberry baskets are therefore designed to ensure good ventilation. Most do not have tops. If they do, the top is perforated with multiple holes. In addition, the sides of a strawberry basket are either made like a woven lattice or have more ventilation slits in the sides.

Hanging Strawberry Basket

Strawberries do well in containers and they spread by throwing off runners. The combination of these characteristics means that they can provide a nice ornamental display as well as fruit. Plant several strawberries in the basket and hang from a stout post or beam. As the runners develop, they will spill over the sides of the basket. Blossoms and fruit will also develop on the runners. Replace the mother plants every third year.