How to Replant Onions in Containers or Gardens

You don’t have to be a master gardener to replant onions that you get at the grocery store or a garden center. It’s an easy, fun project that provides you with onions all year long. The following tips will tell you how to regrow green onions, yellow onions or red onions.


Replanting Onions in Containers

If you don’t have a vegetable garden in your yard, you can replant onions in containers for growing in the house or any sunny spot outside. Follow these tips for replanting onions in containers:

  • Find a 6-inch deep container or pot.
  • Scoop nutrient-rich potting soil into the container, filling it about half way.
  • Select green onions, red onions or yellow onions from your grocery store. If you choose green onions, make sure they still have the small, white bulb attached to the onion stalks.
  • If you have sprouted onions or scallions, trim off the onion tops to 1 inch from the bulb. Use the cut onion stems for any recipe that calls for green onions.
  • Set the bulbs 2 to 3-inches apart, pressing the roots into the soil.
  • Sprinkle more soil over the bulbs, leaving the onion tops peeking through the soil.
  • Find a spot that gets sunlight most of the day and place your onions there.
  • Keep the soil moist but not drenched until the onion bulbs mature.

In a few weeks, you’ll have a crop of scallions. If you leave the bulbs in the soil for a few months, you’ll grow mature onion bulbs.

Replanting Onions in a Garden

You can also replant onions in your garden using onion sets or sprouting onions. Whether you decide on green, yellow or red onions, you use the same planting methods. Here are the steps to follow when replanting onions in an outdoor garden:

  • Clear the garden of all stones, roots and weeds.
  • Rake the soil until it’s level and smooth.
  • Use the edge of a hoe to dig furrows that are about 2-inches deep and in rows from 12 to 14-inches apart.
  • Plant your onion sets or sprouted onions about 4-inches apart and cover them with soil.
  • Leave the onion tops just above the soil line.
  • Water your garden once per week, allowing the onions to dry out before watering them again. Avoid any standing puddles around your onions because excess moisture encourages fungus growth and rotting bulbs.
  • Weed around the onions when needed.

It takes about three weeks for green onions to mature and four months for large onion bulbs.

Replanting Onions in Water

Replanting onions in water is another option but you can only grow green onions this way. Just find a jar that has a wide enough mouth, so the onion bulb rests on the rim. Fill the jar with water and place the onion on the rim. The bottom of the bulb should sit in the water. Refill the water when necessary to keep the onion roots in the water. You’ll have a steady supply of scallions from your replanted onion.