• growing-garlic-texas

    How to Grow Garlic in Texas

    Most garlic originated in cold-winter areas and prefers cool conditions. Like many flowering bulbs, garlic needs a period of cold…

  • grow-garlic-water

    How to Grow Garlic in Water

    If you have no garden and long for fresh-grown garlic, you do have some options. A single garlic clove in…

  • how-to-regrow-garlic

    How to Regrow Garlic

    Unlike many plants, garlic usually reproduces itself. Over time, the plants will change slightly due to the conditions in the…

  • harvesting-garlic-scapes

    Harvesting Garlic Scapes

    Although garlic is usually planted from cloves, hardneck varieties do produce flower stalks called scapes. Left in place, these can…

  • harvest-garlic-scapes

    When to Harvest Garlic Scapes

    Garlic scapes are a useful and edible part of the garlic plant. Since they divert nutrients from cloves, it’s important…

  • garlic-bulbils

    How to Grow Garlic Bulbils

    Garlic is one of those plants that produces topsets, or bulbils. Since hardneck garlic doesn’t produce good seed – softneck…

  • growing-garlic-seed

    How to Grow Garlic From Seed

    Garlic is usually grown from cloves, but it is possible to grow garlic from seed. While it’s not exactly easy,…

  • where-is-garlic-grown

    Where is Garlic Grown?

    Although it is native to central Asia (possibly Iran), garlic has a wide range. Not all varieties can be in…

  • hardneck-vs-softneck-garlic

    Hardneck vs. Softneck Garlic

    When growing garlic, you have the choice of hardneck or softneck types. Each has its fans. The type of garlic…

  • how-to-can-garlic

    Garlic Preservation Methods

    Fresh garlic cloves store quite well, depending on the variety. But sometimes you have limited space or want to be…

  • growing-elephant-garlic

    How to Grow Elephant Garlic

    Elephant garlic certainly looks like regular garlic – only in the giant economy size. While it’s actually more closely related…

  • garlic-companion-plants

    Choosing Garlic Companion Plants

    Companion planting is an old strategy for increasing yields, protecting plants from insects and providing food for beneficial insect predators.…

  • growing-garlic-florida

    How to Grow Garlic in Florida

    Garlic is basically a cool season crop. And while it does like adequate soil moisture, it’s also susceptible to molds…

  • curing-garlic

    How to Cure Garlic

    Garlic is one of those foods that must be properly cured for maximum storage. Growing it with adequate nutrients and…

  • cut-garlic-scapes

    Cutting Garlic Scapes

    Hardneck garlic, according to many experts, offers some unique flavors as well as larger cloves. In addition, the immature flower…

  • planting-garlic-spring

    How to Plant Garlic in Spring

    Although garlic can be grown in both spring and fall in many areas, for some gardeners, spring planting works better.…

  • planting-garlic-fall

    How to Plant Garlic in Fall

    Planting garlic in the fall is a time-honored tradition for many gardeners. In very cold climates, fall-planting garlic solves problems…

  • harvesting-garlic

    All About Harvesting Garlic

    Growing good garlic isn’t all that difficult, but it takes time, since garlic is definitely a long season crop. For…

  • when-to-harvest-garlic

    When to Harvest Garlic

    Garlic is a long season crop that can’t be rushed. Since the cloves are what you’re interested in (and they…

  • how-to-store-garlic

    How to Store Garlic

    Garlic’s spicy bite is a sought-after flavor and the ease of growing this long-season plant means it is often found…

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