Bay Laurel

  • laurel-plant

    Laurel Plant

    The Laurel or Lauraceae family of plants is large. It includes plants like cinnamon, camphor, and avocado. Generally, when speaking…

    Bay Laurel
  • laurel-flower

    Laurel Flower

    The is among the most iconic trees in history. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is a well-known symbol of…

    Bay Laurel
  • bay-laurel-hedge

    Bay Laurel Hedge

    Bay Laurel makes a . It’s brightly colored waxy leaves are attractive and aromatic. Birds will love the berries, and…

    Bay Laurel
  • bay-laurel-plant

    Bay Laurel Plant

    There are few things more iconic to the Mediterranean region than bay laurel. Its wreaths adorn the heads of Roman…

    Bay Laurel