• growing-kiwi-from-seed

    How to Grow Kiwifruit From Seed

    Kiwifruit has sweet green flesh with a unique flavor and tiny black edible seeds. The seeds can be used to…

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    How to Trellis Kiwifruit Vines

    Whether you choose the standard fuzzy-skinned commercial kiwifruit or the smooth hardy varieties, your kiwifruit needs a trellis. These may…

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    Kiwi Flower Facts

    The kiwifruit is a deciduous vine native to Siberia and china. It is available in the fuzzy brown form you…

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    How to Trellis Hardy Kiwifruit

    The hardy kiwi is a native of northern China and Siberia, as well as Korea and possibly Japan. A fast-growing…

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    When is Kiwi in Season?

    Once seen primarily as a subtropical fruit, the kiwi has been bred to be more tolerant of cold conditions. Some…

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    How to Pick a Kiwi

    The kiwifruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry, comes in both subtropical and hardy varieties. The two share some characteristics and…

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    Where Do Kiwis Grow?

    The term kiwifruit includes over 60 different kinds of plants. Most are native to China, but some originated in Russia.…

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    What Do Kiwis Grow On?

    Kiwifruit are fuzzy to smooth yellowish-green fruits with multiple tiny black seeds and a unique flavor. The edible flesh is…